Confections and sweet pastries

Antell sweetens your life

Antell's confections and sweet pastries are a gourmet's dream come true. Our confections are handmade by our professional confectioners. Antell has passed its hand-baking traditions from one generation to the next. Many of our products are still baked following the original recipe developed by Katri Antell. Our customers have been enjoying our classics for decades. These include the Apple Meringue Pie and the Sacher cake, traditional Christmas star pastries baked with real butter, and Antell's Runeberg's torte moistened with genuine rum and arrack punch. Our best-loved sweet pastries include the Apple Cinnamon Bun, Antell's Jam Doughnuts and Raspberry Bun Loaf.

Delicacies for all occasions

Our product range offers mouthwatering confections and sweet pastries suitable for every occasion. Enjoy Antell with a cup of coffee or at a family gathering. Our products are available in Antell cafeterias, bakeries and retail stores. Having been baked in our Oulu-based bakery on the same morning, our products are always fresh. A selection of Antell delicacies is also available throughout Finland – don't forget to ask your retailer for your favourite!