Finland´s best lunches

Antell cooks Finland's best lunches  

We genuinely care about diners who come to our restaurants to enjoy tasty, high-quality food. This not only makes us an excellent business partner, but also Finland's best staff restaurant catering company.

This is confirmed by the TEP 2012 corporate image survey. In this survey, for the third year in a row financial executives rated our restaurants as clearly outshining those of our competitors.

We place great importance on making each restaurant a unique whole. However, all of our restaurants offer expert, sunny service, tasty meals prepared from genuine ingredients and a cosy atmosphere. The TEP survey indicates that our respondents value the same things we do; the survey suggests that we are the best at what we do, thanks to our high-quality products and competent staff in particular.

High-quality lunch guarantees well-being

The Antell restaurant chain consists of unique restaurants, where our clients are served warmly and with care. A lunch break is the most important opportunity to relax during the day – and we seek to make it as refreshing as possible. By offering your staff the opportunity to enjoy a good, nourishing meal during the workday, you are investing in their health and well-being at work.
We offer our clients a variety of services, tailored to meet their diverse needs. You can sign a service contract with the Antell restaurant whose location suits you best, or invite us to provide staff restaurant services within your company premises.
Regardless of the partnership model you choose, Antell will always appoint a Regional Manager to take care of the needs of your staff, making sure that everything works in the way it should.
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