Itte tehty

At Antell, Itte tehty simply means high-quality food prepared with clean and genuine ingredients that tastes, looks, smells and feels good. When we make the food in our own kitchen, it is itte tehty, and we know where it comes from, how it was made and who made it.

At Antell, Itte tehty also means a hundred different lunch menus every day. Each restaurant manager designs menus with their customers’ needs and preferences in mind.

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Corporate social responsibility at Antell

For us, responsibility means small everyday actions, common practices and caring.


We make sure that both our executive customers and consumers get the best possible customer experience. The most important elements that make up a good customer experience is the perceived quality of the product or service. We measure these with a continuous customer survey available in all our restaurants. It is our heart’s desire to score at least 4 in our taste rating of 1-5.


We do our best to minimise the environmental impacts of our activities. We strive to increase our environmental awareness and develop our practices. On one hand, we pay attention to wise choices of ingredients, preparation of food and reducing waste. On the other hand, we make environmentally friendly choices with regard to issues such as energy consumption and detergents.

Antell restaurant If Turku was awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Antell restaurant If Turku was Finland’s first staff restaurant to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel according to the latest criteria. This means a highly diversified effort to reduce the environmental load of the restaurant from reducing energy and water consumption to increasing the use of organic products. Read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Work community

Work community

At Antell, everyone has the opportunity to work in an excellent work community that is healthy and safe. We take care of our employees and give them responsibility and freedom to use their professional skills.

We believe that healthy and happy employees are the secret to great taste and customer service.



Antell is a work community of resourceful professionals. We have a unique corporate culture built on the premise that employees are trusted, and responsibilities are shared as close as possible to the customer. Our values mirror our corporate culture. At Antell, employees have the freedom to use their professional skills in their work in line with our values.


  • Taste is home-made – itte tehty.
  • Taste is a professional skill.
  • Work should taste good.
  • I do everything in accordance with good taste.
  • Customers leave our restaurants with a good taste in their mouths.


  • Caring is an attitude and an approach. It comprises long-term activities that are unselfish.
  • We work for the customer.
  • I care about my colleagues and their success at work. Everyone enjoys coming to work.
  • I care about myself enough not to slip up. I always do my job well. I want to learn new things.
  • I care about results.

Focus on the solution

  • Focusing on the solution means being creative, every day.
  • Focusing on the solution is about making choices and seeing things through.
  • When problems occur, we focus on finding a solution, not looking for someone to blame.
  • I will ask for help if I need it. I help others to think.
  • We learn from the past and apply lessons learnt in the future.


  • Enthusiasm is a choice.
  • Enthusiasm is about being open to learning new things.
  • Enthusiasm is about having the courage to try new ways of doing things, even if you don’t succeed every time.
  • Enthusiasm is infectious and feeds success.
  • Enthusiasm makes an unforgettable impression.

History of Antell

History of Antell

Antell has always been a family business. The story of Antell began in Finland in the late 1800s, when determined and resilient Katri Antell opened her bakery in Oulu. Very quickly, the company’s operations expanded to cafés and catering. Katri’s three daughters continued her work initially, and later her grandson, Hilja’s son Aarne, carried the work on into the 1960s.

As of 1976, the Lantto family has owned Antell. Antell signed its first restaurant service contract in 1980, when the company opened its first staff restaurant at a Kemira worksite. Over the decades, the restaurant and café services became the company’s main business. Bakery operations ended in 2018.

Today, Antell has around 100 restaurants and cafés across Finland. The company’s CEO is Tomi Lantto. His sister, Annukka Lantto, is a member of the Antell Board of Directors. Their father, Ilkka Lantto, is chair of the Antell Board of Directors