Antell Group

Antell: three companies, one group

Founded in 1880, Antell is a group consisting of three companies: Antell-Ravintolat Oy serves delicious food in nearly 100 staff restaurants. Antell-Leipomot Oy is a bakery whose products would make anybody's mouth water. Meanwhile, Katri Antell Oy is responsible for management, finances and the premises.

The group employs circa 600 professionals throughout Finland. Each one is a component of Antell's success. The group's headquarters are located in Oulu. Antell's bakery is located in the same premises. This is where we bake our delicious products, delivered to our clients all over Finland. In 2014, the Antell Group's turnover was around EUR 46,1 million.

A developing family business

Since 1976, Antell has been owned by the Lantto family. Transferred to a new generation in 2002, the business is now run by siblings Tomi and Annukka Lantto. Tomi is in charge of Antell-Ravintolat Oy, while Annukka sees to Antell-Leipomot Oy.

Tomi and Annukka are keeping Antell on the growth path. We hold fast to our principles, which have characterised our company ever since it was founded: freshness, high-quality ingredients, delicious tastes and listening to our clients. This is the core of Antell. Our skilled employees are also an asset, on whom Antell places a high value. The contribution of each Antell employee forms an important part of the company's story and future.